Gates Tops the Forbes Rich List…. Again

Gates Tops the Forbes Rich List…. Again

Forbes have recently released their annual rich list and as has been the case for 18 of the past 23 years, Bill Gates is at the top. The question is, who will join the founding father of Microsoft on this years list?

#1 Bill Gates- Microsoft Co Founder-$86bn

The Co-Founder of Microsoft is at the top of the Forbes rich list 2017 for the 18th time in the past 23 years. Gates net worth has grown to a staggering $86bn, up $11bn from the year before. Will he be the first to cross the $100bn mark?

#2 Warren Buffett- Investor- $75.6bn

The Oracle of Omaha comes in at number 2 on the 2017 Forbes rich list, with a staggering net worth of $75.6bn, up $14.8bn from the year before. Despite being 86 years of age, the CEO of Berkshire Hathway is still at the top of his game.

#3 Jeff Bezos- Founder & CEO, Amazon- $72.8bn

The Founder and CEO of Amazon has had the largest increase in his fortune than anyone on the list. He and Amazon have had a great year and his fortune is estimated at $72.8bn, up by $27.6bn from the year before, placing him as 3rd richest man in the world.

#4 Amancio Ortega, Founder, Inditex: $71.3bn

The fortune of the Founder and former Chairman of the Inditex Fashion has risen by $4.1bn from last year, now standing at a whopping $71.3bn.

#5 Mark Zuckerberg,Founder & CEO, Facebook : $56bn

Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire in this list and has an estimated fortune of $56bn, up by approximately $12bn from the same time last year.

#6 Carlos Slim, Mexican Business magnate: $54.5bn

The Mexican magnate has a fortune of $54.5bn, a rise of $4.5bn on the year before. However the once the richest man in the world a has fallen out of the top five, for the first time in over 12 years.

#7  Larry Ellison, Co Founder, Oracle: $52.2bn

The Co-Founder of the software giant Oracle has amassed a fortune of $52.2, an increase of $9.4bn from March 2016.

#8 Charles Koch,CEO, Koch Industries: $48.3bn

The CEO of the Koch empire, Charles Koch has a fortune valued at $48.3bn each, up an estimated $8.7bn from the year before.

#8  David Koch, Executive Vice President, Kotch Industries: $48.3bn

The EVP of the Koch empire, David is tied in at 8th place on this years list with his brother.

#10 Michael Bloomberg, Founder, Bloomberg: $47.5bn

The former Mayor of New York and founder of Bloomberg LP has a fortune of $47.5bn, an increase of around $7bn from last year.



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