FC Barcelona Unveil Ambitious Project to Spearhead...

FC Barcelona Unveil Ambitious Project to Spearhead Innovation in Sport

Following on from the announcement at the Mobile World Congress in February, FC Barcelona have officially unveiled one of their most impressive projects to date, The Barça Innovation Hub. This ambitious project aims to foster knowledge and enhance the ecosystem of innovation through collaboration with brands, universities and the overall enterprise community. This will position the club as a center of excellence at the forefront of innovation within sport.

The BIHUB will focus on five key knowledge areas; medical services and nutrition, performance, technology, team sports and social sciences. The team behind the project include Dr Jordi Mones (commissioner), Maurici López (Team Sports), Francesc Cos (Sports Performance), Gil Rodas (Medical Services and Nutrition), Marc Subirà (Technology), Russell Stopford and William T. Manarelli (Social Sciences).

Standing in front of a futuristic backdrop at the Auditori 1899, the host Josep Maria Bartomeu introduced the project and invited team members on stage to discuss further details. The Commisioner Dr Jordi Mones said ” We must accept that we are humble, that we do not know everything, and we must obtain knowledge from the best. If we do not find it, we must create it, and then we must explain it, and spread it to our members, agents and universities”.  He also added,”To take this project forward, we want to partner with institutions, companies, academics and all of the major players in the field of knowledge”.

Overall this announcement is great news for Barcelona and the overall innovation ecosystem and will prompt other clubs to do the same thing.


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