5 Ways Mindful Meditation can Help you in Business

5 Ways Mindful Meditation can Help you in Business

Running your own business is a very intense endeavor which requires you to constantly be alert and at the top of your game. As an entrepreneur, you find yourself having to balance a range of daily tasks such as managing a team and attending client meetings. For you to succeed at this it is essential that you are in a state of good mental and physical health. One daily activity that is commonly practiced amongst the most successful and influential leaders is Meditation. Why? You only need to look at the hundreds of scientific studies that attribute a plethora of health benefits to meditative practice. Below are highlighted five scientifically proven benefits of meditation which will help you succeed in business.

Improved resistance to stress and anxiety

A heavy workload, uncertainly, long hours and financial constraints are all common features in the lives of entrepreneurs. It is an extremely stressful path to take that requires you to balance so many tasks and thoughts, alongside your personal life. Stress is bad in a profession where you are required to make important decisions and think with clarity. It clouds your judgement which can have catastrophic results when so much is at stake. One form of meditation can help you cope better with stress is mindfulness meditation (MM). MM involves bringing your focus to the present moment, forgetting the past and future where most stress is said to arise from. A study found that brief periods of MM can increase the activity of coping mechanisms and thus reduce individual stress levels.

Improves Focus

As an entrepreneur, it can sometime be difficult to focus on the required task, especially when you have a long list of other tasks that need completing. An essential trait which will allow you to succeed as an entrepreneur is your ability to focus on the task in hand. Research has found that mindfulness meditation improves focus by reducing mind wandering and distraction.

Improves Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is defined as, “The capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.”
It is therefore a key skill all leaders must possess to effectively communicate and collaborate with their team. A leader who is emotionally intelligent is better able to express himself and understand team members. This understanding will increase the likelihood that one can create an effective and successful team. Research has found that mindful meditation can increase an individual’s ability to control their emotions.

Increases Creativity

To create a sustainable business, you must constantly generate new ideas to improve, develop and expand the products and services you offer. To do so you must think in a creative manner, a characteristic that is attributed to the right side of the brain. Research has identified that when in a meditative state of mind, we are more likely to think more creatively and generate better ideas. Studies have also found that meditation promotes divergent thinking. This is when an individual finds multiple solutions to one problem, a key aspect of creative thinking. It is in these states that we experience those light-bulb moments associated with great ideas.

Improves Memory

As an entrepreneur, you will be constantly bombarded with problems that require your insight to be solved. You must lead from the front, quickly analyzing multiple issues and providing the necessary solutions. Being able to multi-task and quickly solve problems requires you to have a strong Memory, something most successful entrepreneurs possess. A recent study found that daily mindfulness meditation resulted in improved memory function, especially for those who work in a high stress environment.


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