Vodafone Plans to Scrap Roaming Charges in 40 Coun...

Vodafone Plans to Scrap Roaming Charges in 40 Countries for UK Customers

Vodafone customers from the UK will now be able use their plans in over 40 countries, at no additional cost.

The telecoms giant today announced plans to scrap roaming charges for 40 countries, these include nonmember states such as Iceland and Turkey. If you use your plans in countries that are not included in the roam-free list, such as the US and India, Vodafone will charge you a daily fee of £5.

Vodafone is following competitor Three who currently offer free roaming in around 42 countries. There is a slight catch with the changes Vodafone are making, with the term changes only applying to new or upgraded plans.

Earlier this year the EU announced that they will remove roaming charges this June for 28 member states. Overall this is great news for the social media society we currently live in, not so much for operators who will be looking for ways to claw back lost revenues.

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