Toyota’s Robotic Leg will Help the Paralysed...

Toyota’s Robotic Leg will Help the Paralysed Walk Again

Photo Credit - (AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko)

Yesterday Toyota presented the WelWalk WW-100, a leg brace which it says will help people walk again.

This innovation was made in collaboration with researchers at Fujita Health University (FHU), and could help partially paralyzed patients walk again, such as those who may have suffered a stroke. It can help patients who may have lost leg functions such the ability to support body weight and move their legs.

Medical Doctor and executive Vice President of FHU, Eiichi Saito, spoke to AP and discussed the functionality of the robotic brace. He explained that the device is to be worn on one leg at a time, and has sensors which can provide more intricate level of assistance, which is essential to control in the rehabilitation progress.

According to AP, the equipment will cost a single payment of $9000, this will be followed a $3200 monthly fee. The technology will be available for rent in Japan at the close of 2017, with over 100 devices available in medical facilities across the country whose population is rapidly aging.

Photo Credit – (AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko)

Toyota’s Chief Officer for Research, told AP at the Tokyo launch on Wednesday.

“We have been developing industrial robotics for auto manufacturing, and we are trying to figure out how we can use that technology to fill social needs and help people more,” said the carmaker.

“Our vision is about trying to deliver mobility for everybody,” Toshiyuki Isobe,

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