100 Devices Recovered from Prolific Coachella Mobi...

100 Devices Recovered from Prolific Coachella Mobile Phone “Thief” Using the Find My iPhone App.

Festival goers at Coachella music festival in California have used an app to track their stolen iPhones, with over 100 being found in a single backpack.

Coachella festival hosted approximately 100,000 people this year, and is one of the biggest events on the bucket list of every festival goer. However, one of the biggest issues revelers face when attending the festival is mobile phone theft.

Revelers this years have successfully fought back against thieves using an app called Find My iPhone. The app allows individuals to track their iPhones on linked devices such as laptops and iPads. It was used by police to track a prolific Coachella mobile phone thief, from whom they recovered 100 stolen iPhones.

Source - Indio Police

100 iPhones were discovered from the backpack of the thief.

Most phones are in lost property with some already being reunited with their rightful owners. According to Indio Police, Reinaldo De Jesus Henao, 36, was caught at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival with more than 100 stolen phones in his backpack. He has been detained and extra security has been allocated for the safety festival goers.

Festival-goers have also been advised to:

  • keep valuables in front rather than back pockets
  • ensure all valuables are not kept together
  • carry a dummy wallet to fool thieves

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