World Lenses – Snapchats Introduces New 3D F...

World Lenses – Snapchats Introduces New 3D Filters Which Have Universal Use

Snapchat has introduced a new AR feature, “World Lenses”, which will allow users to position 3D objects in any scene using their smartphones. The new feature is in line with the company’s goal of allowing users to “Paint the world with 3D experiences”, a term they prefer instead of AR.

To open the “world lenses” feature you will simply have to tap the screen when you are in rear camera facing view. This will give you a range of filters to choose from, with regular updates adding new filters daily for you to select. This is another great revenue generating opportunity for the ever growing Snapchat portfolio, however sponsored lenses will not be released at the launch.

Let’s see how quickly Facebook and Instagram copy Snapchat’s new feature, having replicated features such as stories and filters on their platforms already.


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