Businesses Failing the Fight for Cybersecurity

Businesses Failing the Fight for Cybersecurity

According a government survey, it is estimated that around 46% of British businesses encountered a cyber security attack over the past year.

Around 1500 businesses to part in the survey which concluded the most common security breaches were due to Phishing. It found that over 3000 of these emails are sent per month to staff members, containing spyware, malware and viruses.

Despite cybersecurity now being taken seriously, with 74% prioritizing this matter, the government says a “sizeable proportion” still lack the most basic protection. With on 29% of businesses having a board member who specializes in this area.

Recent research by the British Chamber of Commerce also  found that large businesses, with more than 100 employees, are at higher risk of attack than their smaller counterparts. The percentage of large businesses who have been attacked stands at 42%, compared to 18% of enterprises with fewer than 99 employees.

Only yesterday Holiday Inn was hit with massive attack, with over 1200 hotels in the US & Puerto Rico falling victim to credit card stealing malware. Many businesses treat cyber security as a box ticking exercise, but with large breaches taking place more regularly, it is essential that enterprises have a solid cyber security strategy.

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